Picture of me (Ryan Chapel).

Ryan Chapel


I'm the husband of an awesome wife, a father of two amazing kids, and a nominee for the luckiest person in the world award.*

I also make websites.

The web

I am a web developer and designer, and I'm proud of it. There are a ton of frustrating web experiences out there, and I'm glad to be one of the good guys, trying to take bad experiences and turning them into good great ones.

My job

Up until March 20th, 2020 I was the Lead UI Developer at RedAwning, the world’s largest branded network of vacation rental properties. I worked on both app and web development, and it was super fun! When I started our office was only 3 of us, and before COVID-19 hit we were up to 15. We were located at a spot on Capitol Hill that was pretty amazing, and near tons of awesome restaurants.

Before that I was a Senior Software Engineer focusing on AEM development at R2integrated, a Brand + Demand + Technology agency who won Adobe Partner of the Year back in 2016.

Prior to that I was a Senior Web Developer and manager at the marketing headquarters of Apollo Education Group in Seattle, WA, where I managed their Marketing Platform Dev team. There I specialized in responsive web design (RWD), mobile UI / interaction, and accessibility, and was the lead developer on a number of large scale projects including the main University of Phoenix website redesign in early 2016, the University of Phoenix Brand site in 2015, and ensuring our sites fully complied with WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements.

I also created a device lab wall which I maintained for our office, and I was constantly creating mockups and prototypes of things to test or utilize in order to create better user experiences on all of their properties.


Besides my "9 to 5" I also do quite a bit of designing, devving, and learning in my spare time. It seems like my website is in a constant limbo of updates. I help my wife and friends out with their websites, and I've taken quite a few Udacity, Code School, and Codecademy courses. It stretches the brain and keeps me on top of my game. :)


My wife, 2 sons (ages 10 and 6), our hamster Meatball, and I live in Snoqualmie Ridge, a pretty large neighborhood about 25 minutes East of Seattle, WA. We've been living there for 7 years now and cannot get enough of it. With views like this everywhere you turn, it's hard to complain. Our kids can walk to school and we have amazing neighbors (of which, a lot of them are now really good friends).

We couldn't ask for a better place to live.


Since I'm sure my wife will read this at some point I'll state the obvious fact that my wife and kids are my #1 interest. :)

Below are some others:


After we got settled in our current house my wife and I really wanted to make the place feel more like it was ours. I decided to make a bench / coat rack in our entry way...and that was it! That was the project that really got me into woodworking. Nowadays it seems like I'm making a new project every weekend...and I'm enjoying every minute of it!


Golfing when you have two tiny kids is hard. A day at the course takes up SO. MUCH. TIME.

My friends and I have started to play 9 holes every Friday befre work (6-7am tee times, and really only when the weather is nice) and it's been working great. We get to enjoy a quick round of golf, improve our game, and still have time on the weekends for everything else.


I really enjoy cooking all year round, but my favorite is grilling, smoking, & barbecuing. Here's a gallery of my latest successful pulled pork attempt earlier in the year which I made from Aaron Franklin's book, which I cannot recommend enough.


Like most people in this world, I like music. In fact, I really like music. It makes me feel good, it drowns out the noise both literally and mentally, and I like tapping my feet & pretending I'm the best lap drummer in all the land. Here's some of what I've been listening to lately (courtesy of the Last.fm user.getTopTracks api):

(I feel like this is a good time to mention that music is also a large part of my kid's lives too...so you may see some crazy songs in that list. :D)


I'm all over the web, but if you're having trouble finding out more about me feel free to look here:

* I'm quoting myself here. I do not know of such an award.